Process Post #11: The End

    This course has come to an end and this will be the last blog post I will create for this course. It is a bittersweet feeling, I am glad that I am finished not only this course, but my last semester as an undergrad but it now all comes to an end. When I first started this course, I had no idea what to expect. At first I was unsure about having to create a blog and keep it maintained every week but I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought. I am someone who does not like to write and has a hard time coming up with what…


    Essay #2: My blog

    For this class I created this blog, “Tobi’s Routine”, when we were first asked to think of a topic to create a blog, I had to brainstorm what I wanted to write about. I wrote down things I enjoyed I my life, and things I liked to talk about. For me, it was between three things, cooking, skincare and trying new active things like aerial silks or boxing. I also looked at the different things I followed on social media, as well as the blogs that I liked. One of the one’s that I always look to and have mentioned many times before in this course is Chriselle Lim’s blog,…

  • Skin Care

    Dr. Jart Rubber Mask: Hydration Lover

    Dr. Jart is one of my new favourite brands! It is a Korean skincare brand that is available at Sephora. One of the first products I saw from them were these creepy baby face masks, and I finally got to try one. A little while back I decided to order a couple of the Dr. Jart Rubber masks, I chose Hydration Lover and Firm Lover. These are sheet masks, and generally I’m not the biggest fan of sheet masks because I find the results quite temporary and the masks itself are create a lot of waste/packaging but after this mask, my mind might have changed! This mask comes in two…