Mini Assignment #2

You know, it’s not easy living in the under the sea. Everyone is here praising and saying oh how beautiful and young little miss Ariel is but just you wait. I was like that when I was young, but to still look the way I do at this age? It takes work. Wanna know the secret? Well let me tell you.

Ariel is so silly for thinking that being above the water is the best thing ever. Well, I’m not saying don’t go get some vitamin D but do take precautions when you’re outside. SPF is your best friend. Just because you don’t see the sun, does not mean there are no UV rays. You can get sunburnt on a snowy mountain. Sun protection will help prevent dark spots, aging and of course, skin cancer. It’s so important to have SPF on, the easiest way to do this, just get a day cream with SPF and don’t be like Ariel.

Secret #2? Well what do we have plentiful in the sea? Seaweed of course! There are many benefits of seaweed including moisturizing, anti-aging, and soothes the skin. I always make sure that my night skin care routine includes some seaweed to get the full benefits of this underwater magic.

Remember: SPF in the day + seaweed at night = forever evil youthful.

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