Peer Review #2: The Kindness Lifestyle

This week for my peer review, I am reviewing Megan’s Blog, “The Kindness Lifestyle” A blog about spreading kindness and doing small things to help encourage kindness in our daily lives.

At first glance, I really liked Megan’s page. The blog style matched the topic they were writing about, the colours were soft which was very welcoming and had a calmness to it. The typeface that they chose was also like a handwritten style, which made it the approach more personal and as a reader, more connected to the writer.

Using the design elements that Mauvé Page showed us in class, Megan’s blog does a great job in showcasing these design elements. The blog is very balanced and well planned. Although the images at the bottom are not aligned because of the text that is used above/below the images, it balances out the two sections and provides a visual symmetry. The blog also has a very nice flow and rhythm to it. Everything is laid out very clearly, and easy to navigate. The imagery, colours and layout work really well together. In terms of proportions everything in Megan’s blog is quite balanced. There are certain posts that can be a little smaller to match the size of text a bit better. I find that I have a hard time doing this with my blog as well with the limitations of wordpress. But if the images were a bit smaller, it could allow images and blog previews to be viewed within the same screen. The contrast of the Kindness Lifestyle is not bad, my only concerns with the light pink on white background may be hard to see for people who have visual impairment and may be an accessibility concern. But overall Megan’s blog is very unified and everything fits really well together. The choice of typeface, imagery and colours all match the style of her blog and the content that she is providing. To be more consistent, I think it would also be nice if every blog post had an image (something that I also need to push to do for my own blog).

In term of usability and navigation, I really like how on the front page of Megan’s blog there are two obvious choices to go, either their actually blog or the academic POSIEL side. This makes it really easy for the reader to navigate and find what they are looking for. The one thing that I was confused about on the page was the “Take Action” button on the top right corner of the page. The button didn’t seem to link to anything for me, but in terms of visual hierarchy it draws a lot of attention. It is a darker pink colour and the most prominent button in the navigation menu. I am curious to know what this is for and what were the considerations behind it.

Megan’s blog is easy to navigate, has really great content and the design choices they have made works really well with the overall blog. I am excited to see what they will continue to post in the future!

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