Peer Review #3: Lily in Stripes

For my third peer review, I will be reviewing Lily in Stripes by Lily Yu. This is a personal/travel blog is about Lily who is from Hong Kong and doing an exchange here in Vancouver.

When I first approached Lily’s blog, it was simple, elegant and easy to navigate. I liked the banner that had the blog’s title, sub-title and then the image matched the name of their blog which I thought was really clever. Then under the banner there are a few featured blog posts which I believe are the most recent, which made it easy for me to get a glance of the type of blog posts they write about. This made it clear that Lily’ blog was about their experience of living in Vancouver being from Hong Kong. The preview of the blog posts were clearly labeled, easy to read and I liked how there was a couple of sentences of the blog showcased so I could get a quick understanding of the content. I also liked how the header menu at the top was very clear, and I liked how they chose to use a different font from the blog posts to use for the menu. It set it apart from the writing aspect which was nice. It would be great if the menu was sticky and scrolled down with the page to make navigation even easier for readers but that may also be out of the limitations of WordPress. The blog used a very simple black and white theme which made everything easy to read but also I think helps open up their blog to a larger audience.

I think Lily’s blog is intended for an audience of people between the ages of 18 – 30 who also may be going through a life transition where they are moving or living in a new place. Lily talks about their experience being here in Vancouver, which many people can either relate to, or relate to the experience of moving somewhere completely new. In one of their blog posts, they also talk about how their friends back at home in Hong Kong also follow their blog. This makes for an interesting perspective because it is a platform where their friends and family at home can see what they are up to, but also see what it is like in Vancouver. I also like how Lily adds in Cantonese characters and pronunciations to each blog post, it adds a personal touch and connection with their audience! Not only does Lily write about Vancouver, but also other places they have visited. This makes for a unique and personal travel blog. I think the way the blog is laid out, it makes it very easy for their audience to navigate to different sections of their blog depending on what they are here for. The design and content also make it very open to the audience, making it easy to access and understand.

In terms of content, Lily mostly focuses on travel and living in Vancouver. I like how they provide a very personal perspective on their travel adventures. One blog post I particularly enjoyed is, “My First Solo Trip” I remember what it was like to go on my own solo trip and the things that I was nervous about. This blog post gave really great tips on things to do to prepare for a solo trip, and things to be aware of. The great thing is that Lily had a really great experience on their solo travel trip, which is awesome to hear but also makes the blog post very valuable. Another thing that Lily does really well in their blog is having really great photographs. I think for a travel blog it is really important to showcase good photos of places, and Lily’s blog does a great job at this. Not only does the blog posts about travel have a lot of photographs to look at but they have also included a photo section. In Lily’s about me section, they talk about how they want to showcase more photographs from Hong Kong and Asia to encourage people to learn more or want to travel to Hong Kong. This is also why they include the Cantonese characters which I think is really thoughtful.

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