Process Post #10: Reflection on Public Shaming

I’m writing this process post as a reflection on the video we watched in class today. It was Jon Ronson’s “When Shaming Goes Too Far” TedTalk from 2015.

After watching the video, it was a scary reality of what the internet and people can do and is capable of. In the video Jon Ronson explains how a woman tweeted a racist comment before flying on a plane, just for it to be retweeted and then went viral. And yes, what she said was not okay, or if it were suppose to be sarcastic joke, it was a bad joke with no context. But the scariest part of this is the comments that people made back to her. Some of these comments were almost like threats and at what point do you become the person holding the pitchfork? Also, the fact that people knew that this woman was on a plane and could not see what was happening and could not speak up about the tweet was also really crazy. People took advantage of the fact she had no internet connection and dug into her even more.

I think something that we have to be aware of when posting public content is that anyone is able to see it, but also screen capture it. Even though you delete a comment or a post, there’s a possibility someone else already has a copy of your words. Another thing is to remember that the tone of your message may not be received the same as others. It is hard to say how someone will read your tweets and how they interpret your message. Also, things can be easily taken out of context as well, you don’t know how someone could use your tweets or messages and spin it into something different. I think this video has made me think how I should present myself when I’m making a tweet, and also how to make sure I look at all angles of a story before I pick a side.

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