Process Post #8: Final Stretch

It’s that time of year again. Final stretch until the end of the semester and if all goes well, hopefully this would be my last one! This semester I decided to finish my classes as well as continue working full time. At first everyone thought I was crazy, taking a full course load as well as working full time but I knew I wanted to finish ASAP. With two publishing courses and one online Contemporary Arts course, this semester has felt manageable until this week. This has been a crazy week for me at work and I started to fall behind. Knowing that I had a couple of late assignments as well as a couple more to complete by tomorrow midnight was a huge stressor. I have also been working late at work trying to finish up a project as well as make up hours for when I have class.

Finally it all hit me. But instead of crashing, I decided to just take it one step at a time. I focused on the project I had to do for work during the week and decided to take a couple late marks but use this entire weekend to catch up on school work. I think if I tried to fit everything in during the week, I would have not gotten enough sleep and would have crashed by mid week. Although I have to take a couple late marks, I think for my sanity it is totally worth it. Sometimes I have to remind myself to take things one step at a time. Instead of maintaining my stress, I have to learn how to manage it. It isn’t always easy. One of the methods that has worked for me this week is listing out all the things I need to complete this week.

Wether it is homework, work project or small things like paying my VISA bill, I wrote them all down. Then I looked at my calendar and created more time for myself. This may have meant that I had to reschedule or cancel plans here and there but I knew that this would just be the final stretch. Then I prioritized my list, what I need to complete first and what I should do next. I also made sure I left in time for things like exercise or a few smaller social things for some down time so I don’t go absolutely crazy. Sometimes we get so caught up in things, we forget to take a moment for ourselves. This blog post is the beginning of many assignments I have to complete, and I hope that my method would get me though it all.

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