Process Post #9: Twitter Analytics

  • Process Post Prompt: Analytics (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.) is a very valuable tool for building your audience. For content creators, knowing how your reader behaves on your website can help enormously with developing the best content, posting at the right time, and developing the appropriate engagement strategies. On the flip side, for the reader or user, it can be tiresome and even worrisome knowing you are providing data trails every where you go online.

As I was creating my infographic this week, I discovered that Twitter allows you to view the analytics for your Twitter account. I thought this was really interesting that they provide this information to every twitter user publicly and for free!

Twitter Analytics Dashboard

The first page is the dashboard, here at the top of the page, it shows a summary of the last 28 days. It provides a quick glance of how many tweets I created, how many people have seen my tweet (impressions), how many profile views I had, how many mentions and if my follower count increased or decreased. This alone was really impressive that I was able to see my Twitter data in this way. I did not think that with just 5 tweets, that I was have over 5000 impressions and almost 200 page views. It made me curious to what exactly were people here for, so I took at closer look.

In the tweets panel, there was break down of my tweets. Here I can view the activity and data on my latest tweets, or view my top tweets. I think it’s hilarious that my top tweet is actually skin care related!

Twitter Analytics, top tweet

Here I could see how many impressions my tweet got, how many engagements and the engagement rate. At this point I also saw the “promote” option which was kind of an Ah-Ha moment for me. Twitter wants me to boost my tweets and promote it by paying them to have my tweet show up on other people’s feeds. This make sense for them as a company to allow you to see this data but also make money from it if we choose to promote. As I continue to look through the data, I saw that there is a lot of breakdowns that Twitter also provides.

Twitter Analytics, Audience

In the audience section, it gave me a lot of breakdowns of who were the kind of people that were following me. It showed that my audience were liked dogs, music, and comedy as their top interests. This was pretty cool to see and I can see how this can be helpful if I were a business. I can cater my tweets to be more about dogs or music to help gain more likes.

Twitter Analytics, Audience

It was also interesting to see that Twitter tells me which wireless carrier my audience uses. In this case, 28% of my followers use Rogers Wireless. Again, if I were a business I could cater to that, or even obtain a sponsorship from a company using this data. There were also information on demographics that could further provide various data and opportunities if I wanted to do so. Overall, I was really impressed by how Twitter tracks all this data AND allows users to view their own information. I could see how useful this type of data can be and see the potential opportunities it can be used for.

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