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Aesop Adventure

The other day as I was venturing through Gastown, I came across Aesop. I’ve heard a lot of good things about their products, but I’ve never personally tried the products myself, or really know what their company is about. So, I decided to step in a take a look for myself.

Upon entering the little store in Gastown, it was like I was taken to another place. All the products were displayed on the walls, and there was a very friendly (and helpful!) staff member there to greet me. They asked me what I came into the store to look for and I told them that I had never tried any Aesop products but was looking for maybe a serum or something I can add to my skincare routine. My skin was feeling very dry lately because of the previously cold weather we were experiencing and I was hoping to find something to cope with that.

Right away, they explained to me that Aesop is an Australia company, founded in Melbourne that is mainly focused on skincare. They have other body care products as well! Their products are mostly plant based, and very natural (yay!) as well as cruelty free (yay!). The design of the store and the products alone were really nice! Everything looked so simple and clean.

Aesop Gastown, Photographer Sara Harowitz Photo from Montecristo Magazine

The person who helped me asked me what my skincare concerns were, and what my skin is generally like. I told them about my feeling of dryness and immediately they knew what products to recommend. They brought me over to the left side of the store where the face oils and serums were located. They showed me several products, and what was amazing was that they actually washed my hand, toned it and then applied the product onto it to really let me feel how the product works with my skin! This was really thoughtful and a very nice experience. By then I was already sold, and wanted to walk out the store with something from Aesop, however one thing about this store was that there were no price tags on anything. When I bravely asked the prices (knowing that Aesop was more on the pricer side) they offered me a pricing list.

The product that I was interested in was the Damascan Rose Facial Treatment, this product was $99 for a small 25ml bottle. So what made this product so expensive? It it suppose to be jammed packed with vitamins, specifically vitamins A and E as well as many other ingredients. It is a high potency of these ingredients, therefore they only recommended me to use a few drops every week, meaning this product is suppose to last long. I caved and I got the product, so far it has been really nice! One thing that I am not a huge fan of is the smell of the product, it is almost too natural for me, but it’s not a big deal as I only use it in the evening during my night routine.

Aesop’s Damascan Rose Facial Treatment, $99 at Aesop

So after spending a lot of time in the store and chatting with the person working there I walked out with my first Aesop product! One more detail with their customer service is that they put my product into a small paper bag (also very nicely designed) and then they sprayed it with a fragrance and put in a few samples of the other products I tried that day. It was overall a very nice experience. I do wish the pricing list was more on display or obvious for customers so that they know what they are getting into ahead of time.

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