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Dr. Jart Rubber Mask: Hydration Lover

Dr. Jart is one of my new favourite brands! It is a Korean skincare brand that is available at Sephora. One of the first products I saw from them were these creepy baby face masks, and I finally got to try one. A little while back I decided to order a couple of the Dr. Jart Rubber masks, I chose Hydration Lover and Firm Lover.

Dr. Jart Rubber Mask Hydration Lover $15 at Sephora

These are sheet masks, and generally I’m not the biggest fan of sheet masks because I find the results quite temporary and the masks itself are create a lot of waste/packaging but after this mask, my mind might have changed!

This mask comes in two steps, there’s the ampoule (which is like a serum but more concentrated) and the mask itself.

Dr. Jart Rubber Mask Hydration Lover Amoule

Starting with a clean face, I applied my toner and then the ampoule. The texture of the ampoule was a nice, jelly texture and when applied, easy to work with and spread onto my face.

There was a lot of product in this little container. It also said that you are suppose to apply the ampoule again after the mask, and if there’s excess, apply it to your neck and hands. After the ampoule, comes the sheet mask.

Dr. Jart Rubber Mask Hydration Lover

The mask is much thicker than your regular sheet mask, hence the name rubber mask. What I liked about this mask was that it came in two separate pieces, a top and bottom. This made the application a lot easier to place onto my face but also made the fit better. The mask fit really well onto my face which is rare when it comes to sheet masks. The instructions said to keep the mask on for 20 mins, and up to 40 mins. I kept the mask on for 40 to get the full experience and then afterwards took the mask off and reapplied another layer of the ampoule.

Hydration Lover Mask

What I really enjoyed about this mask was the rubber texture and how it kept the moisture in. With regular sheet masks, they would’ve dried out in 20 mins, this one I kept on for 40 and it was still very hydrated underneath, but not on top, I actually liked this because I was able to go about doing other things without getting the mask everywhere. After taking the mask off, I felt a different with my sink, it was much more hydrated and the extra later of ampoule helped seal it all together! Overall I really enjoyed this face mask, and would definitely get it again if I am in need of a hydration boost.

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