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Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence

I recently added an essence to my skin care routine! What is an essence? One of the most well known essences is SKII’s Facial Treatment Essence. It is a patented formula that is suppose to help with anti-aging, moisture, brightening and all things great for the skin. Many celebrities and influencers swear by it! This is one of the many different essences out there. What an essence does is it helps preps your skin to work better with your skin care products as well as provide its own benefits. You are suppose to cleanse, tone, essence, serums, and then moisturize. After cleaning and toner the skin, it may still feel dry, by putting an essence before serums, it will help prepare you skin to soak in moisture!

I decided to give Missha’s Time Revolution First Treatment Essence a try. This is suppose to be the “duped” version of the SKII’s essence (SKII ranges from $99 – $290) but I have read a lot of reviews and blogs about the two and some people swear they are practically the same! I wanted to add an essence to my routine because of the dry weather we are experiencing.

I ordered the product from Amazon for under $40! Same day shipping too (thanks prime!) and was really excited to try it. The bottle came in a beautiful, shiny, silver box and it was heavy since the product is in a tall glass bottle. I prepped my face at night, washed, toned and then applied the essence. At first I was not sure if I noticed much of an effect, but when I applied my serum I could tell the difference! It felt like my serum just soaked right into my skin. As for the other benefits (anti-aging, brightening etc.) I think I won’t be able to tell the results until using the product for a little while longer but the way it made my serum feel on my skin made this product already so worth it! I especially noticed this when the weather is very dry and out of the shower my skin almost feels tight, the essence really helped make my skin feel a lot more hydrated. I can’t wait to see more results!

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