Peer Review #3: Lily in Stripes

    For my third peer review, I will be reviewing Lily in Stripes by Lily Yu. This is a personal/travel blog is about Lily who is from Hong Kong and doing an exchange here in Vancouver. DesignWhen I first approached Lily’s blog, it was simple, elegant and easy to navigate. I liked the banner that had the blog’s title, sub-title and then the image matched the name of their blog which I thought was really clever. Then under the banner there are a few featured blog posts which I believe are the most recent, which made it easy for me to get a glance of the type of blog posts they…


    Peer Review #2: The Kindness Lifestyle

    This week for my peer review, I am reviewing Megan’s Blog, “The Kindness Lifestyle” A blog about spreading kindness and doing small things to help encourage kindness in our daily lives. At first glance, I really liked Megan’s page. The blog style matched the topic they were writing about, the colours were soft which was very welcoming and had a calmness to it. The typeface that they chose was also like a handwritten style, which made it the approach more personal and as a reader, more connected to the writer. Using the design elements that MauvĂ© Page showed us in class, Megan’s blog does a great job in showcasing these…